The Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF)

The GBEF is a business organization of 25 respected government tech sector executives. Its annual agenda is a disciplined program of timely information, discussion and research. This agenda supports the building of important relationships between GBEF members, and between GBEF members and leaders in business and government who affect technology applications in government and commercial sectors directly connected to government.

Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF)

GBEF is a member organization, and its membership demographic carries some of the most respected corporate logos in the industry. It does not advocate policy, but it does enable members a sector-unique capability to expand their interests outside the traditional market boundaries of Washington's Beltway.

GBEF members credit the organization with directly enabling new business and relationships that let to new business. Anchored in the Federal market, the GBEF uniquely reaches sectors directly affected by the Federal government through regulation or mission - health care, energy, and finance. Its program periodically includes trips abroad or to state capitols where doors are opened and information provided on new market and business opportunities.

GBEF members constitute the board of advisors to CES Government; the only government technology conference recognized by and held in partnership with the world's premier global technology trade show: International CES.

Throughout the year, GBEF members often are provided opportunities to participate in select industry and government activities.

The GBEF is high-value and high-impact. It is managed by UTG partner Don Upson, who brings more than three decades of executive experience in government technology and management to the organization.